Thailand- The Grand Palace

Farewall Korea, today I leave for China!  I’ll be traveling for about 10 days before I return to America.  My mom is flying out to meet me in Beijing and from there we will see Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai!  While I’m away, I set my blog to showcase my Thailand trip so all you readers can enjoy some posts on the daily!  So let’s get started!

The Grand Palace

This is one of the top recommended sites to see in Thailand.  The Grand Palace shows cultural influences from all over the world throughout it’s architecture.  You can see Chinese porcelain on some buildings and European columns on others.

Thailand has never been colonized, but instead has maintained itsef as a middle ground for relations between the east and west.


About se0ulsearching

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole and this is my blog all about my new life in Seoul, South Korea. I am an English teacher from the US in South Korea teaching in a public school for SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) on a one year contract. I am from the city of Cerritos in Southern California with a BA in Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, CSU Long Beach. With the struggling economy and the downfall of teaching positions across the state, I've become creative with finding teaching experience that has led me to where I am today- on a new journey to expand my horizons and sharpen my teaching skills. Please enjoy my blog! When I am blogging, I keep two things in mind. One, what does my written perspective offer to my audience to allow them to grow with me? And what memories and revelations will I want to keep forever from this experience? If I can inform and inspire at least one person to drop everything where they are and take a life-changing risk, then my blog will have fulfilled its purpose.
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One Response to Thailand- The Grand Palace

  1. Michelle says:

    You’re finally leaving Korea?? 😦 I’ll still follow your blog though. Safe travels and good luck in Thailand!

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